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Our Services

Civil Engineering

We engaged in providing Civil engineering and works services for arms of operation in Nigeria which… Learn more

Project Management

We engaged in providing engineering and construction services for arms of operation in Nigeria… learn more


We undertake local/foreign purchases for materials and equipment in its project and also maintains …learn more

Technical Competence

We provide specialized services in Engineering, Construction, Estate Development,… learn more

Electrical Engineering

We provide superior quality Electrical engineering services for Rural-Urban Areas, Federal and State… learn more 

Solar Energy

SIMMAYOR INTEGRATED SERVICES LTD high quality, Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems… learn more


Communication has been at the heart of our business for over some years now. Our services… learn more 

Computer & Software Development

We offer Computer services ranging from large-scale software development projects to individual… learn more

Water & Environmental Services

We have a vast variety of water and environmental projects and services. Environmental services… learn more

General Supply/Procurement

For over some years, SIMMAYOR INTEGRATED SERVICES LTD Procurement Unit has met the challenges… learn more

Why us?

Code of Ethics

It is in our policy to maintain the highest standard of ethics in the conduct of its business and in its relations with whomever it does business with or is associated with.


As a contractor and project developer, we views sustainability as meeting or exceeding the performance expectations of clients in all of our businesses, while providing consistent and strong returns to shareholders over the long term


The Group’s business strategy is based on diversity by markets or products, by the companies through which it operates, by geography, and the way in which services are delivered to clients.

Strong Financial Base

The Group’s strong financial base is another core element of our strategy, driving growth through selective equity stakes, acquisitions, and funding capital-intensive activities such as mining.


We foster a performance-driven culture throughout the Group and reward performance against stated objectives through various incentive schemes


What we do and how we do it can have an impact on the lives of every one of our shareholders, employees, customers, business partners, and those in the communities where we operate