It was great moments of convergence of seasoned surveyors from across different continents of the world in the just concluded week-long conference. The 2024 International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) Working Week in Accra, Ghana, was a resounding success. Held at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel from Sunday May 19 to Friday May 24, 2014, this prominent event brought together over 1,500 delegates from more than 90 countries under the theme “Your World, Our World: Resilient Environment and Sustainable Resource Management for All.” The conference focused on global challenges such as sustainable development, climate change, and innovative land administration. The conference also facilitated global networking, allowing professionals to forge new partnerships and collaborate on solving pressing environmental and urbanization challenges
Amongst other attendees from the Nigerian clime was our CEO, Surv. John Ekele MNIS. His participation underscored the importance of international collaboration and the exchange of expertise among surveying professionals. The event featured a diverse array of sessions, including plenary meetings, technical workshops, and paper presentations, covering essential topics like climate-smart agriculture and resilient infrastructure systems​.

Key highlights included:

>>>Opening Ceremony: Ghanaian President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo inaugurated the event, emphasizing the importance of surveyors in national development and sustainable resource management (FIG).
>>>Diverse Sessions: The conference featured numerous plenary sessions, technical workshops, and paper presentations covering topics like climate-smart agriculture, coastal community adaptation, and resilient infrastructure systems.
>>>Global Collaboration: FIG President Diane Dumashie highlighted the importance of global perspectives in addressing environmental and developmental challenges. The event fostered international collaboration, bringing together experts to share knowledge and best practices.
Overall, the FIG Working Week 2024 in Accra not only advanced professional expertise and cooperation but also reinforced the global commitment to sustainable resource management and resilient environmental practices.
The FIG Working Week 2024 also provided a platform for showcasing Ghana’s cultural heritage and natural beauty, with opportunities for attendees to explore local attractions such as national parks, historical forts, and craft markets. The successful conclusion of the event highlighted the global commitment to sustainable resource management and environmental resilience​.

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